Wash Your Hands

It amazes me the attention that the coronavirus is getting lately.  There has been a real panic building both in the stock market as well as in communities wiping out grocery stores as people buy product to lock themselves in their homes.

I am not saying there is nothing to worry about.  What I am saying is that all the experts tell us pretty much the same thing:  wash, wash, wash.  If we are going to be in places where someone is sick, watch what we touch and wash our hands on a regular basis.  Washing hands is one of the first and most basic steps in keeping ourselves safe when germs are spreading.

Another way is to keep ourselves at home if we are not feeling well.  If we are sick, why go to school or work and infect others?  Take the time at home to get well and then go on with your life again.  That’s what we should do.

They also tell us that if we get the coronavirus, most people merely need to wait it out as they do with the flu and other viruses.  There is, after all, no medication to fight it.  It has to run its course.  For the vast majority of people, they will be run down for a few days and then are ready to face the world again.

The ones who have to be more cautious are the immuno-suppressed, the elderly, and those who are sickly.  They may require hospitalization as their coronavirus may “bloom” into life-threatening pneumonia.

So, let’s review:

  1. Wash
  2. Self-quarantine if ill
  3. If elderly or immuno-suppressed, get to the doctor
  4. Don’t panic

And now, for your listening pleasure, the song that gets under the skin of so many people on Royal Caribbean cruises:  Wash Your Hands.


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