In It For The Long Haul

I believe that we are going to be in this “virus thing” for the long haul.  This afternoon, Governor Holcomb ordered all schools, public and non-public, in the state of Indiana to remain closed until at least May 1, 2020.  Of course, our own parish school, St. Thomas More School, will remain closed at least until May 1st.

In addition, all state-mandated testing has been cancelled for the 2019-2020 school year.

Our school will continue with eLearning after our Spring Break.  The Munster Community Schools are going to launch an eLearning platform after their Spring Break.  At the present time, they have no eLearning.

Personally, there is a large part of me that thinks that May 1st might be a pipe dream.  We might very well be “down for the count” and lose the entire remainder of the school year.  I feel sad for the seniors.  They are losing all the things that come with the end of a school year.  I hope that we can find ways to make them feel better about all that is happening.

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  1. I too am dealing with the ‘closing’. St. James in Highland closed and that’s where the Wounded Healers meet in 5-6 rooms every two weeks (with a large TV and VCR in one room, and VCR’s in all the other rooms). We are going to have to miss 3 sessions of 6. I’m accused of “not being caring”. I’ve given 31 years of “caring”, but all we can do is go along with the world. Everyone seems o.k. with what has to be done. It sounds like you will, too!

    1. Maybe someone on your team can facilitate the making of videos so that you can place them on line for others to access? Just a thought.

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