Now, It’s Indiana’s Turn

Governor Holcomb has issued an order for all of Indiana to stay in place beginning tomorrow.  He stated, “The next two weeks are critical — that’s March 24 through April 7 — if we’re going to slow the spread.”

Personally, I applaud him and other governors who have issued the same orders.  I think it’s sad that they have had to do so.  The sad truth, though, is that the public has not taken heed to the caution to stay home to decrease/slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  Pictures of college students on spring break last week really saddened me.  Especially so since so many of those same partying students are now testing positive for the virus.  How many people did they expose?

So, unless you have a job that is considered essential, please do your part and remain at home as much as possible.  If you have to go out for food, medication, or other items, make it as brief of a foray as possible and distance yourself from others while out.

Let’s do our part to slow the spread of the virus.

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