I Hope They Get What’s Coming To Them!

One of the phrases from Ann Landers that I often refer to is: “Time heals all wounds, and time wounds all heels.”
There are some heels out there — believe me, I want to use much stronger words to describe them; however, this is a “family profile” — who are at it again, at the expense of those who are suffering from the COVID-19 virus.
These “special people” are spoofing people in Munster with phone texts supposedly coming from me. This is one of the texts some parishioners have received: “As part the missionary work and a means of giving and helping the less privileged, I’m currently visiting hospitals to pray for the sick especially those affected with corona virus and pneumonia as I’ll like my members to show support as well as giving them some gifts as a means of showing care to them..Kindly send some steam cards or Amazon gift cards to me pls buy according to your financial status thank you. Rev. Michael Yadron”
If for no other reason, you should NOT respond to these people until they learn to use proper grammar!
Also, hospitals and nursing homes are NOT allowing any visitors, even clergy. The only way I get to “visit” at this point in time is to anoint someone who is dying.
These people are taking advantage of the good will of others and hoping that they will respond to help a priest. They are too stupid, though, to use proper grammar or to know how I really sign correspondence.
Please, do not respond to these kinds of texts or emails. Please pray for those who are affected by COVID-19 and those who are legitimately in need but are being deprived of what they need because of crooks such as the people perpetrating this present scam. I can only hope these low-life scum of the earth get what they deserve.

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