Please Be Patient

Boy, oh, boy.  It’s like everyone looking for the last Golden Ticket in the Willy Wonka contest.  They hear that the State of Indiana will begin opening up and right away want to know when public Masses will begin again.  While I can appreciate the desire, the frenetic enthusiasm is killing me.  I. Don’t. Know.  It’s that simple.

Please be patient.  We cannot make our minds up individually.  We follow the direction of the Indiana Bishops.  When they give us our instructions regarding opening up Masses throughout the state, we will be able to inform our congregations.

Today is the first day of May, a month dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Our country was dedicated to Mary today by the president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops as well as by Bishop Robert McClory.  May Mary intercede for our nation in the midst of this pandemic.

After our daily live-streamed Mass, we live-streamed a May crowning.  Mary always takes a prominent position in our sanctuary throughout the month of May.

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