One Month Closer

I have never in my sixty-three years felt this way before.  Tonight, on April 30th, I realize that we are finishing the month and beginning the month of May tomorrow.  All I could think is, “Thank God.  We’re one month closer to finishing the end of 2020.”

I know that it is way too early to think that way; however, this year has been a real bust.  The pandemic has altered our lives in so many ways and, day by day, we see many things that we cannot do.  People yearn for some kind of normalcy and yet the only constant seems to be anxiety, sorrow, and uncertainty.  This is playing on the psyches of many, especially our younger people and the elderly.

Social distancing is really affecting those of advanced years who so desperately need the interaction of others but cannot get it because of stay-in-place mandates.

So, with that, I say good riddance to April.  May, I hope you will be kinder to us!

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