The Other Half Of Me

Many times, as I do my blog posts, I think about the different sides that people see of me.  Every morning, I post a Daily Reflection.  Throughout this pandemic, I have also done a daily video as well as our morning Mass.  I am generally upbeat in those endeavors.  Then, here, I show you the other side of me: the one that is sick and tired of lots of things, including this weather.  The one who moans and whines.

You probably think to yourself, “Isn’t this the same guy that sounded so chipper this morning?”  Yeah, it is.  But, the chipper guy has his ups and downs just like anyone else.

Tonight, I felt like labeling the blog post “I’m Going To Be Sick” because the temperatures going up and down this week, the rains, and the increasing allergens are making my life a living hell.

April showers bring May flowers and those flowers bring pollen, pollen, pollen (cough, cough, sneeze, sneeze, itch, itch).

So, if I sound less than chipper, please pardon me.  I’ll try to be more upbeat in future blog posts.  Right now, I am practicing new phrases for Mother Nature and none of them are very polite.

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