My Eyes – Part Deux

Last night, I was whining — for good reason, I might add — about my eyes.  This morning, they were even more bloodshot than the past couple of days.  However, as it is allergy season, I decided that I would not only take my allergy drops; but, that I would actually make them even more wet.

The inspiration hit me when I looked down at my hands as I was concelebrating morning Mass with Fr. Declan.  During the readings, I glanced at my hands and noticed that they were very dry and cracked.  It made me think about the allergies drying my eyes as well.  That’s more than likely why I was tearing.  My eyes were trying to produce water to make them wet.

I took my medical eye drops this morning as well as my allergy eye drops.  But, after Mass, I dropped in some of my gel drops for moisture and also used warm compresses.  My eye doctor tells me to use those during this time of the year.  I keep forgetting about them.

Does the doctor know what she’s talking about?  Well, duh.  Of course she does.  My eyes are a bit itchy yet this evening; but, they feel much better and are not tearing like they had the past couple of days.  The red is also clearing up in them a lot more.

I’m almost sixty-four years old.  When will I learn to remember to do what my doctors suggest?  🙂