I Gave Up

This morning, I have to admit that I gave up.  When I got to the church for the 6:30 a.m. Mass, everything was going wrong from opening up to getting ready for Mass.  Right before Mass began, I turned on my wireless microphone and . . . nothing.  It was on, it was on the right channel, and it was not transmitting.  I swapped out microphones and began Mass.  Ten minutes in, the first wave of storms hit.  I just couldn’t believe it.  I was thinking about getting out around 9:00 a.m. after my two Masses and wondering what the storms were going to do to me.

After my Masses, I couldn’t leave the office to go to the house because it was raining horizontally.  At that moment, I have to admit that I was crestfallen and just wanted to give up.  It seemed as if Mother Nature was conspiring against me.

Well, I finally had the chance to dash over to the house to leave.  As I was going, I realized I couldn’t find my phone.  My cell phone is always with me.  I even went back to the office.  When I got into my car and started it, the radio indicated that the phone connected by bluetooth.  It was somewhere in the car.  I finally found it in a shopping bag.

A little over halfway here, I stopped for lunch.  When I stopped, my Hilton app indicated that I had a message.  I was expecting to hear that the digital key to my assigned room (830) was ready to use.  Instead, I found out that they changed my reservation and had a digital key ready for a room on the 4th floor.  I called them and told them that I had been assigned a room on the 8th floor the evening before when I checked in and an email was sent verifying it.  I was told that my room was released for someone who had checked in.  (Hilton does that to people all the time.  If someone on a higher loyalty tier checks in, that person can bump others out of their reserved room.)

Well, at that point, I was not going to have any of that.  I explained to the person I called that I was almost there, that I had a confirmation email, and that I would hope that they could do something better than the 4th floor.  When I finished my lunch, there was another message saying that my digitial key was ready for room 827, just three rooms away from where I was first scheduled.  This is one of the views from my room:

That’s Cincinnati across the river from my Kentucky room.  🙂

There is no hot breakfast and no evening reception because of the pandemic.  There is no daily maid service as well which really suites me fine.  I usually ask them to stay out of the room anyway as I always take care of myself.  The breakfast is a grab-and-go sack and the evening reception is now two complimentary tickets for beers, wines, or soda pops.  I grabbed two cans of diet coke tonight.

I don’t know how much I will get out this week as it is supposed to storm all week (with the exception of tomorrow).  I hope to drive down to the Ark Encounter if tomorrow is nice.  I don’t mind being room-bound the remainder of the week if the weather is bad.  I figure at least I’m away and have a chance for silence and prayer.

Will catch you up tomorrow on what I was able to do.

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