Let The Retreat Begin!

Today, I began my private retreat by hitting the road and driving to Noah’s Ark.  Well, okay, a representation of Noah’s Ark.  I went there with no expectations at all and wanted to be open to whatever the Lord might want to say to me.

BIG.  That was the very first thing I heard.  We often say, “Go big or go home.”  In the Bible, we hear BIG stories about God.  He doesn’t just do something.  God’s plans are always on the grand scale.  So grand that He would even send His Son.  So grand that His Son would die not just for you, not just for me, but, for everyone.

God goes big.  That’s what I thought when I saw the Ark.  Walking onto the Ark was quite impressive.  Standing in the middle of it, you really have no comprehension of its size.  Which was why I was more than a bit shocked when I saw these markers in the middle of the Ark.

To think that the Ark was as long as the Great Sphinx at Giza and a jumbo jet lined up one in front of the other was a mind-bending experience.  Go big or go home.

Of course, I began to relate the many times in my life that God has “gone big” for me.  They are more numerous than I often recount and I wonder why I do not often recount them.  God has a tremendous love for me and I do not always appreciate it.  I’ve got to ask God to help me appreciate Him better and more deeply.

That is my take-home from today’s encounter with the Ark.

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  1. Your comments have made me think. I wondered how Noah could have made something this size… and how long did it take? I also wondered about the needed wood… where did it come from? I remembered being told at one time that Jesus and Joseph were actually stone masons because there was a shortage of wood. Now, of course, I’m wondering. God Bless!

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