More Than Rain


This morning, right before I left the house to go over to the office, it began to rain.  They were saying that we could have thunderstorms come into the area.  I was hoping to get over to the church building before the rains came; but, alas.

So, umbrella in hand, I went across the parking lot from the house to the office.  I was about ten feet away from the back door when the lightning starting flashing.  I thought to myself, “Thank you, Lord!”, as I dodged into the building.

When I was making my morning video, you could see lightning in the background through my office window.  Thankfully, we didn’t get really bad thunderstorms, though.  It was more of a solid and then gentle rain.  You could practically hear the ground going “gulp, gulp, gulp.”  🙂

They say more rain tomorrow.  It might dampen some holiday plans (no pun intended).  We really need the rain, though.


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