Numbers Don’t Lie

People can lie.  They lie a lot.  But numbers, well, numbers don’t lie.  Sometimes people fudge numbers a bit but, all in all, if reported accurately, they tell a complete and honest story.

My complete and honest story was told in the middle of the night as my pacemaker/defibrillator unit transmitted its month’s worth of numbers to my cardiologist.  And the numbers say:

  1. No “events” recorded in the last month
  2. No arrhythmias recorded in the last month
  3. Fluid levels very good
  4. One year and four months left to my battery life

So, another good month down.  My next check will be October 8th in the middle of the night.  On October 27th, I go to the cardiologist’s office for an echocardiogram in preparation for my November appointment with my cardiologist.

I guess the important thing is that I feel good.  Since they gave me medication to slow my heart down and the pacemaker to have it beat correctly again (I was beating backwards), the heart has been beating much more efficiently.  I really take each day as an extra gift as I understand things were really bad before they regulated things and put the pacemaker/defibrillator in.  I’ve never been defibrillated yet and hope I never am; but, it is nice to know it’s there if something happens.

“Ain’t technology wonderful?”

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