Wasn’t Meant To Be

Yesterday, I went to realtor.com to check and see if there were any interesting condo sales in the area.  I actually found one that looked really good to me.  A two bedroom, two bath top floor condo in Munster, heated garage, elevator access (this unit was on the fourth floor), and a reasonable price.  I emailed a realtor that I contacted to look at a place a few months ago that was, basically, a non-starter.  I asked the realtor to make an appointment to show me the place tomorrow.

The realtor got back to me and told me that we had an appointment for Noon tomorrow.  At this point in time, the unit was online for a little over 24 hours.  Two hours later, the realtor emailed me and told me that our appointment had been canceled as the condo had been taken off the market as it was already in contract for sale.


It’s not like I’m actively looking.  It’s just that this was a good building, quiet, high floor, balcony, parking garage, elevator, all the things that would interest me as I age more.  I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.  And, for the record, I still have more time to look.  I don’t actually plan to purchase anything for three more years.

In three years, I would want to purchase a place to get it ready for retirement.  I have five more years to retirement so that would give me a couple of years to get the place ready on days off.  I could even spend staycations away from the rectory if I had a place.

So, fingers crossed that something nice comes along.  If it happens before my time frame, I’ll buy it.  If not, I’ll actively shop in a few more years.

The possibility of retirement is starting to sound good to me.  I’ve been a workaholic for my 64+ years now and the thought of slowing down — basically, not administrating a place any more — sounds very appealing.  After retirement, I will be more than happy to be Mass help.  I just don’t want to be an administrator of a large place forever.

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  1. I retired twenty years ago and I highly recommend it. In preparation, I suggest that you give some thought to how you will spend your time. Travel is one possibility – but how will you travel.
    Carole and purchased a motorhome, sold the house and spent fourteen years living in the motorhome and traveling. We found many new friends. Evenually we sold the motorhome and settled down, but we still miss the many friends we made and the ability to economically visit many parts of North America. God Speed

    1. If God allows me to live a while longer, I hope to become a snowbird, going to Florida December through February, and then returning to the Diocese of Gary March through November being Mass help to parishes who need a hand.

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