A Busy “Day Off”

Today was a little busy especially for being a day of my staycation.  I met up with someone in the morning and then prepared for a morning funeral for a former secretary.

After the funeral, I went to Strack and Van Til for pop.  We were out of a few kinds at the office and I wanted to restock for the staff.

When I came back from the grocery store, the deacon came back from the cemetery where he had done the committal rite.  So, we went out for lunch.  I didn’t get back to the house to continue my staycation until mid-afternoon.  But, it was all good.

The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent “catching up” on doing nothing.  I discovered that once you do something you can’t catch up by doing extra nothing!  🙂

That is all.  g’night

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