A Pretty Good Day Today

We had our weekly staff meeting and lunch was from Schoop’s.   I didn’t get a burger.  Instead, I got their grilled chicken sandwich.  It was very good.  We bought from Schoop’s because today was “give back” day for our parish school.  A percentage of money spent, if identified for the school, will be given to us.  These give backs by local restaurants are a neat way to raise some funds while getting good meals and supporting local businesses.  Everyone wins!

I made money for next April’s cruise to the Bahamas.  It would have been money for this year’s cruise but that was canceled because of the pandemic.  They money I mean is in the form of income tax refunds from both the federal government and the state government.

I overpay every year as a sort of vacation-planning event.  I wouldn’t make a whole lot of money on interest so I pay more taxes that I ought.  That way, when I get the lump sum back, it goes out to the cruise company.  🙂

So, all in all, it was a pretty good day.

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