The Results Are In

Dentist:  everything’s fine.  He likes how well I’m doing my dental hygiene.  I see him in another six months for a cleaning/checkup.

Internist:  everything’s as good as can be expected.  My a1c has not risen for the past three appointments, which is good, though I would like to get it a little lower.  I’m in therapeutic boundaries but on the higher end.  If I actually work on getting some weight off, that will help reduce the blood sugar.  I see the doctor again in four months at 8:00 a.m.

Cardiologist:  again, everything’s as good as can be expected.  My cardiac condition is stable.  I see him in four months, on the same day as my internist, at 10:00 a.m.

He’s happy with everything except my weight.  Well, take a number and stand in line.  I’m not happy about it, either.  However, there’s one thing I know.  I’m my mother’s child and I, like her, stress eat. 

This has been a horribly stressful year with the pandemic and I’m really surprised that I haven’t bulked way up.  Not making excuses, just citing things as I see them.  I am going to try working on the weight.

Do you realize that it’s been a year since the pandemic shut everything down last March?  A year?!  365 days!  This has got to end soon or, I fear, it may not end well.

So, that’s the news on the health front.  All things considered, things are going as good as can be expected.

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