Last Day Over 70 Degrees

The weatherman stated today that today was the last day this calendar year that the weather is expected to rise above 70 degrees.  I don’t know about you; but, I’m ready for it.  I like cooler weather.

Today was nice.  I sat on the deck a while this afternoon (it was my day off) and I’m paying for it now as my eyes are itching and my allergies are on full scale alert.  But it’s worth every itch as the weather and breeze together made for a magnificent time!

I met the people at the condo this morning from Stanley Steamer so that they could clean my tile/grout.  Well, it was a short meeting.  It appears that they have to do everything from their truck and there was no way they were going to reach up to the fourth floor where my condo is located.  Fifth floor, actually, since the first floor is the garage.

So, I order some grout cleaner from Amazon and it looks like I will be scrubbing my floor myself when the order arrives.  Oh well.

That’s all for today.  Hope you had a good one and hope you’re ready for cooler weather.

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