Didn’t Make Sense Then Or Now

Today was the Feast of the Holy Family.  At Mass, we heard the gospel of Jesus getting left behind in the temple.  I always wondered how that could have happened.  How could Mary and Joseph have left their Son behind?  There were always all sorts of explanations; but, it still felt odd.

Well, in an ironic twist, the gospel was recreated today.  As I was going to lock up the church after the Noon Mass, there was a family left in the foyer.  I asked it they wouldn’t mind leaving so I could lock up.  I was told that they were hoping that a little girl’s parents would come back for her, as they nod at a four year old.


It appears that the girl was running and playing with their girl as the girl’s family left the church, bundled in their car, and left apparently not realizing that they left a child behind.  Good Lord!

A phone call to the parents and a search through camera footage gave the police some avenues to search.  Ultimately, they took the girl to the police station while they continue their attempt to reunite the child to her family.  They texted me an hour later with their success story.

I didn’t understand it then — a couple thousand years ago losing Jesus — and I don’t understand it today.  smh

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