An Open Letter To The New Year

Dear 2022,

Let’s talk. I haven’t been saying much to the last two years because I thought that they would get better. They didn’t. So I’m addressing you, New Year.

In your year, I want to see more people happy instead of sad, healthy instead of sick, confident instead of anxious, and hopeful instead of hopeless.

This isn’t just my wish, this is a demand. I am prepared to go over your head if you, like your two predecessors, do not deliver. That’s right. I will go directly to Mother Nature and petition her to remove you early if you continue the same chaotic games as the last two years did.

Think about it, 2022. You could be the hero instead of another goat. You could be the one that everybody speaks about joyfully instead of being frowned upon.

Do the right thing. Change the pattern of the previous two years. Make our days happy and healthy again.

I’m counting on you.

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