Back To Normal?

Tomorrow, we will be back to school and, therefore, back to normal.  However, I think the question needs to be raised anymore, “Just what is normal?!”

Seriously.  What is “normal”?  That is the question we have been asking ourselves for months now because of the pandemic.  We have spoken about the “new normal” that will come about when things resolve.  Will normal ever be normal again?  Will we have to keep changing our plans, hopes, and attitudes?  Will we experience things the same ever again?

Our students will return tomorrow but then be off again for the weekend.  When they come back Monday, they will have to be ready for a full week.  Will that week have any interruptions?  Are we going to be able to make up some of the things that we missed out on during the Catholic Schools Week because of our two days off?  One of the “new normals” seems to be that we have a major snow storm on Catholic Schools Week.

Is there right/wrong, good/bad/ normal/abnormal or is everything just random?  For the answers to these and other exciting questions, stay tuned.  If the channel remains the same. 🙂

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