Today was an extremely busy day — when aren’t they anymore?  I had the morning Mass followed by a Pastoral Council meeting and then three separate appointments.  Afterwards, I had the afternoon confessions and evening Mass.  But, in between my last appointment and afternoon confessions, I went out for lunch.

One of my regular places for lunch is Texas Roadhouse.  You can get a fairly decent meal there for a good price.  Well, this afternoon, I thought I’d get their prime rib.

As I said, the meals are generally decent.  For some reason, they were really off today.  It was decent at all.  It was downright excellent.  As good as a prime rib at some of the expensive places where I’ve eaten over the years.  They lucked out on an exceptional cut of meat.  I won’t expect that again but I was pleased about it today. 🙂


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