I Still Wonder

It’s the last day of February.  I still wonder how time flies so fast.  I mean, really.  The end of February?  Already?  What’s going on here?

Today was the first day of “mask optional” for our student body.  I’d say a slight majority of students is still wearing their masks and that’s fine.  Whatever makes them feel better and safe.  We’ve been very fortunate throughout this pandemic that we have not been hit by a lot of students or staff getting sick.  I credit our administration and staff with doing all that they can to maintain safe distancing for the students.  Being masked and six feet apart in the classrooms throughout the months has paid off.

I’m happy to see light at the end of the tunnel, though.  Number keep decreasing and we can begin dreaming about a “return to normal”, whatever normal will look like in the future.

I’ll be long gone; but, the students many years from now will be able to start many a story with “When I went through a pandemic…”

Stay safe, young-uns.  Stay safe.

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