Now Registering One Month

My pacemaker transmitted last night.  Now it is registering one month of battery life.  What that means is that, at the end of the month, they schedule surgery but there is still a buffer of three months in the battery when it hits “end of life”.  That gives them time to clear the surgery through the insurance company, order the product, schedule a surgical suite, et cetera.

The “one month” might last a couple of months as well.  For the past three months, the pacemaker reported “two months” so we’ll see what I get.

All the other information transmitted was very good.  No arrhythmias recorded, fluid level is perfect, leads are stable, and no critical incidents recorded.  Woo Hoo.

The best of all of this is that it looks like I will be able to take that planned cruise at the end of April.  I should still have enough battery life to go.