The Gift Of Covid

Why would I possibly call Covid a gift?  Well, it played an important role in my healing.  You see, a couple of weeks ago, I was on a cruise.  On one of the shore excursions, I fell on hewn mountain steps.  I bruised and lacerated my right knee really bad.  It was at the top of the knee.  As you can imagine, it hurt horribly to walk.

Beside hurting, bending my knee for walking or steps placed a lot of strain on the joint and also on the many wounds that were trying to heal.  It kept opening some of the wounds up and hurt like the dickens especially when I was sitting at my office desk bending my knees.

I did that for the three days after I returned from vacation, trying to keep up with my job while at the same time babying my knee.  Covid gave me the opportunity to rest the knee.  I could ice it more regularly and keep from bending it too often.

My time that I was down because of Covid helped my leg to heal.  I can take steps up and down without much aid now and the bruising has all cleared up.  I have several scabs from the deeper wounds that are starting to dry and fall off as well and the flesh underneath is looking good.

I’m not happy I got Covid but I guess I can be glad that I got it when I did.  It forced me to not only get the rest I needed but also to provide my knee a better opportunity to heal.

I’m looking forward to getting back in the office tomorrow!

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