I think that we can all agree that smells play an important part in our lives.  Some smells signal danger as the agent they put into natural gas to alert us if there is a gas leak.  Some smells remind us of seasons — fresh cut grass, the leaves in August, et cetera.  Still other smells trigger our memories and take us back to certain times.

There are a number of smells that I like.  However, there is one smell in particular that I do not think can be surpassed.  I experienced it this evening when I walked out of the office after celebrating Mass for our Religious Education students.

The smell?  Freshly falling rain.

There is nothing like the first minutes of rainfall.  The smell of the air and then the smell as the rain interacts with the plants and trees and ground just cannot be beaten.

It was a great pick-me-up.

As I asked the past two days, please pray for our 8th graders preparing for Confirmation.  They all have now made their commitment in the past three days of Masses.

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