This Is The Time Of The Year

This is the time of the year when things begin to get really crazy for me.  I plan ahead on so many different levels and the end of the year has so much extra that comes along.

First of all, there are Holy Days of Obligation such as All Saints Day and the Immaculate Conception.  They need to get planned out and they take time out from the schedules.

Then, there is the end of the liturgical year and, with it, Forty Hours.  We finally have a guest speaker lined up.  (Bishop Melczek was considering coming back again to speak but he passed away a short while ago.)

There is also the season of Advent and the accompanying penance services.  As we priests go to help each other out hearing confessions, it takes a bit of planning for our schedules.

Of course, this accompanies the regular fall schedule of our parish which includes our fall musical.  This year is Honk, Jr.  I try my best to be at all the productions to support our students.

Not complaining, mind you.  Just saying that this is a crazy time of the year.

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