Only Three Weeks From Today

Hard to believe that Christmas is only three weeks from today.  As a matter of fact, at the time of this writing, it will all be over!  Christmas Day will have come and gone.  Totally unreal.

What do you have to do yet socially and spiritually?  Me?  I have to address and send my cards yet.  I’ll write my Christmas letter tomorrow and hope to have my cards out by Wednesday.  I also have to finish decorating my Christmas tree at my condo.  I put it up last week but didn’t put the ornaments on it yet.  We also have several things happening around the parish.  Band concerts, council meetings/Christmas luncheons, and Christmas dinners for different organizations.

Spiritually, I need to create some time in my daily schedule to slow/calm myself down enough to focus upon the great mystery of the Incarnation that we are preparing to celebrate.  It won’t do any good to have all the worldly things finished if I’m not prepared spiritually.

Do what you need to do to be ready spiritually.  It would be a shame if Christmas came and went and you missed the opportunity to be closer to God because you got too busy with worldly things.