For The Love Of God . . .


It’s my day off today and I left for my condo this morning.  I was planning on spending the night there until the forecast for severe storms.  Within the past year, we’ve had a new roof put on the condo building so I wasn’t too worried about that place.  However, I was worried about the rectory.  We are in the process of gathering bids and getting the old and broken roof replaced here.

As I listened to the wind and the rain, I was really worried.  Worried about water getting in.  Worried about shingles flying away.  Worried about the trees on the property.  Worried as I heard about other people in the community losing power.

This is a frightening series of storms that is coming through and they are talking about more through the night.

So far, the rectory is holding its own.  I don’t know how; but, I’m not going to complain about that!

I hope that others in the community fare well, especially those who have lost power and who need it for sump pumps.  We are going to get a lot of rain by tomorrow morning.