Michael, Row Your Boat Ashore, Alleluia . . .

Good Lord . . . the rain, the rain!  We’ve had some relatively non-stop rain yesterday and today.  I can even hear the ground gurgling.  🙂

At least we haven’t had storms that take down power lines.  It’s also helped in bringing down the temperature although the humidity is really up there.  I thought I was going to pass out this evening celebrating Mass.  It was so humid in the church.  The air conditioners were running as best they can but they couldn’t keep up with the humidity.  I thought it was just me but when I asked my young whippersnapper servers after Mass they said that they were overheating as well.

Tomorrow and the next day are supposed to bring beach hazards as the rains and cool down are shifting the fronts.  Be careful out there one and all.