Two More Times

I have been in the process of reserving my stay at Disney’s Boardwalk Villas this week.  As a member of Disney Vacation Club with a primary ownership at the Boardwalk, I have an eleven month booking window.  Other owners from other locations would only be able to reserve a stay at my home resort beginning at a seven month booking window.  That gives me four months head start.  So you think I would have some time, right?


Locations and specific room categories generally go exactly at the eleven month window.  When I book, I can book eleven months out for a block of seven days.  However, I usually stay down there for twelve or thirteen days.  Therefore, each morning at exactly 7:00 a.m. (8:00 a.m. EST), I have to book an extra day until my entire vacation is complete.  I have been booking those extra days this week.  I have tomorrow and Saturday to go and then my stay for January 5-17 will be complete.

I will be staying at a one bedroom standard view room.  I’m looking forward to being down there again and hope that I don’t have the weather issues I encountered this year.  I also hope that Florida will actually be a bit warmer and sunnier next year.  At that time of year, you take what you get.  And warm/sunny or cold/rainy, at least it’s away on vacation. 🙂

The Boardwalk at night taken from across Crescent Lake


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