Time For Resolutions

Just as the new year gives people an opportunity to make resolutions to better themselves, so does Ash Wednesday and the season of Lent.  On Wednesday, we begin Lent once again.  Tonight and tomorrow might be good opportunities to think about what you want to do to make yourselves more holy this year.  Consider the following:

FAST – Determine not only how you will follow the regulations of dietary fasting and abstinence, but also decide what you will take a break from this season.  Maybe you might want to give up being judgmental, rude, or snobbish.  Maybe you might want to give up asserting yourself and, instead, looking out for the needs and wants of others.

CHARITY – Determine what good works you can do for others this season.  It might be volunteering some of your time to visit the sick or shut in.  It might be helping an elderly family member or neighbor.  It might be spending more quality time with spouse and children.

PRAYER – Determine how your prayer life can be augmented this Lent.  That might mean more daily prayer time or regular daily prayer time.  It might mean reading the Bible or other spiritual reading.  It might mean setting aside some time on a regular basis to sit and reflect and give God a chance to speak to you.

SET AN EXAMPLE – Determine how you can show others how to be a devoted Christian by the words you choose to speak and the life you choose to live.

I will pray for you this Lent.  God bless you and keep you strong!

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