A Really Wonderful Movie

I took a couple of DVDs with me to retreat last week since I usually watch a “religious” movie or two in the evenings.  This past week, I did not have time in my retreat schedule to do that.  So, tonight, I watched one of the movies that I had purchased:  The Shack.

All I can say is, WOW!  This movie will really get you to think about God, God’s presence among us, God’s working among us, and what we perceive as God’s absence in the time that we really need Him the most.

I really like the portrayal of the Trinity in the movie.  So many movies, when they talk about God, just talked about the one God.  This movie tackled the issue of the three persons in the one God with a great deal of insight.

The movie wants us to believe that God is present and that God loves us incredibly.  If you are in need of a feel good movie of faith, watch The Shack.

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