It’s Now Mine

I realize that my new car was already mine the day that I purchased it; but, now, it is all registered and ready to go.

I went to the license bureau this afternoon after receiving a phone call from the dealer telling me that the paperwork for the title was in.  Wow.  They really streamlined the process of registering a new vehicle.  Once I was seen by one of the workers, everything was already on the BMV computers from my dealer.

I just had to show them the proof of insurance and pay for the title and registration.  I paid the difference between the old car and the new car for this year and, since my plates are due to be renewed in December, they also allowed me to renew the plates early and pay for next year.

I transferred my old “In God We Trust” plates and paid for this year and next year’s fees, came home, and put my old plate on my new car.

All done!  🙂

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