Another Good Lab Result

Friday, I had to have blood drawn in preparation for a doctor’s visit this coming Thursday afternoon.  When I came home yesterday evening from dinner with friends, I had an email telling me that my lab results had posted on MyChart.  I went there to find out whether I will be in trouble or not on Thursday.  🙂

I think the doctor will be happy with them.  My cholesterol levels are really good, my metabolic panel was really good, and my A1c was 6.4 (down from 6.8 three months ago).  That means that my average glucose is at 137 — still higher than normal but well within the therapeutic range for diabetics.  (My glucose level at the time of the blood draw was 124.)

Doing everything that one can do to stay healthy is certainly a full time job.  I know that I fall down on the job many times and am very appreciative for the fact that I live in today’s times.  Many years ago, they would not have the kinds of medications and treatments that we have nowadays.  I certainly never would have walked the afternoon after receiving a new hip in the “old days”.  Patients used to be sandbagged in bed so they would not move and dislocate their new joint.

Come to think of it, I never would have had hip surgery in the first place because the damage done to my heart — the virus that killed two-thirds of my heart — would have been irreparable.  Now, a pacemaker keeps me beating efficiently.

Viva medicine!

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