I Think It Is A Must-See

This morning, I went to my cardiologist for my regular quarterly appointment.  It was a good appointment.  Everything is looking good.  They took an EKG for the records and reviewed my recent pacemaker transmission.  As long as it has been since 2011 for my last stress test, they have scheduled me to take a stress test before my November appointment.  But, all told, today’s appointment went well.

I am glad that my heart is fine because I sure needed a strong heart for what I did this afternoon.  I went to a heart breaker of a performance of The Tin Woman at the Center for Performing Arts.  I was glad that I went by myself because I wasn’t as embarrassed when I found myself sobbing at the end of the performance.  I was grateful that the lights did not come up right away.  Wow.  What a powerful performance.

If you like theatre, you owe it to yourself to see the show.  You can find out more information by going to the web page for the Theatre at the Center.  The performance is there until August 13, so you do not have much time to catch it.

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