“Christmas” Is Late This Year

This has got to be what our students are feeling like right now.  They most likely feel as if Christmas has passed them by.  Will it ever come?

Why do I say this?  Well, today was the last day of school . . . for the public school students that is.  However, since we had to start our school year two weeks late due to our renovation, school, for us, will end a week later than the public school.  We were able to make up five days throughout the school year by cutting Christmas vacation a bit short and by going to school on a couple of additional holiday days.

But our students have to wait one more week.

Yep.  It is now in the upper 80’s and going to the mid 90’s, the sun is bright, the weather is inviting, and they are stuck in the classroom!  Next week should be somewhat palatable, though.  Monday is off due to Memorial Day, Thursday is Field Day, and Friday is the last day of school (cleaning the classrooms, emptying the lockers, that kind of thing).

I think they’ll survive.

But, there will be no singing of Christmas songs at least for one more week.

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