Last Night

Well, I have come to the end of another week of retreat.  This year, as in years past, God has shown me that He is the one in charge, even though I like to think I am.

I came down here with an incredibly ambitious schedule for myself.  Legitimately, it was all spiritually related.  I wanted to write reflections for the Advent/Christmas seasons so that they can be printed out and sent to the parish this coming Advent.  It would have taken a lot of work and, honestly, would have distracted me from relaxing and praying.

So, how does God fix that?  Oh, let’s see.  How about putting me two rooms from the end of the hall on the second floor on the retreat center where internet access is practically non-existent?!  🙂

Yep.  Most of the week, I could not surf the web.  Just to post tonight’s reflection took me several minutes of attempts before I got a connection and, to be honest, do not know if it will hold to actually post.

I could grumble and complain because my plans were not met this year.  However, I have come to realize that my plans are not always God’s plans and those are the plans that really matter.

So, I got a lot of rest this week and a lot of time for contemplation.  Thank you, God, for making me take the time for what is truly important.  And, please help me make time when I get back home to dedicate to getting those reflections completed in time to print.

While you’re at the listening-to-prayer-thing, kindly remember all the people on my prayer list this week and, if you would, please give us safe passage back home tomorrow morning.