Peace And Quiet

Today was rather busy.  Par for the course.  I finally gave up at the office about 3:30 p.m. and came over to the house where I worked outside on my deck.  The weather was wonderful and technology can connect many places now, so I was able to keep working on my documents and such but in a more serene setting.

What made it extra nice was that there were no ballgames this afternoon or evening.  That’s really unusual because the park is generally crammed with cars and people.  I’m guessing, with school getting closer and the summer winding down, that tournaments are closing off the season.

It seems awfully strange to say that the summer is winding down; but, can you believe that it is already July 19th?  Where, oh where, did the time go?!   I spend too much of my time, any more, lamenting the passage of time.

There was a simpler day, it seems, when life was not rushed and people were, generally, in a happier state of being.  Nowadays, though, people tend to be grouchy and irritable and excessively hurried.  What for?  What’s the rush?

Wouldn’t it be neat if the whole world would take a collective breath and slow down?  That, I would like to see!  I’m not the only one who would like time to slow down a bit.  I hope you enjoy this video: