Transatlantic – Day Eight

This morning dawned bright and clear.  The first thing I noted on my television was our location.  This morning, we were already well past half-way home.  It’s a little sad thinking about that. 🙁

After breakfast, I went to Mass.  Since it was Sunday and we expected a lot of people, Mass was in the theatre.  Good thing.  There were a LOT of people.  We pretty much filled up the first level of the theatre and some seats in the balcony section!  Here is a glimpse of Fr. David who has been the chaplain on this cruise.

After Mass, I went up top to read my book.  I decided to take the elevator.  One of the features of Royal Caribbean’s elevators is that they have the day emblazoned on the floor.  It’s a good thing because on a long cruise, it is easy to lose track of days.  This happened to me the other day when I could have sworn that it was Saturday.  I was going to the elevator to go down for my appointment for the evening show and I looked at the floor and it said “Friday” and I said to myself, “oops”.

The top deck, by the time Mass was finished, was jam packed with people because the weather was so perfect.  There were very few seats available and the ones that were open were in the direct sunlight.  I figured I didn’t want to burn so I went back to my cabin and sat on my balcony where it was quiet and private and it was just me, my Kindle, and my view!

After dinner, I went to “Flight”.  It is one of the big production shows in the Royal Caribbean theatre.  It begins with lift-off to Mars and goes backwards to the reenactment of the first flight at Kitty Hawk — flying over the audience!  I was totally wowed.  My mouth dropped open and I couldn’t believe what they were doing.

Technologically, the show is flawless.  I can imagine the oodles of people involved behind the scenes who are holding their breath during many of the sequences.  Since there are a lot of “space shots” early in the show, with astronauts space walking and the like, there are a lot of people coming out of hatches above the stage and dangling in “space”.  What a great job.  But, the end, with the first flight?  That was jaw-dropping.

Tomorrow, I have reservations for HiRO, the show in the Aqua Theatre.  I am really looking forward to that one as well.

Tonight we get our last gift of an extra hour’s sleep.  We will turn our clocks back one hour upon going to bed and will then be on Eastern Time.  No more turning clocks back, well, until I return home since we port in Miami but Chicago is on Central time so I will have to set my watch back an hour to be on Chicago time.

It was a great day.  I’m looking for a good night’s sleep and a great tomorrow.  I hope the same for all of you!

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  1. You finally sound rested and happy! I’ve loved all your “thoughts” and I can understand why you enjoy ‘large’ ships. I finally preferred small ships because they can ‘dock’… no waiting for ‘your turn’ to go ashore. Your photos have been outstanding , as well as the ‘sound’. Thank You! Looking forward to your return… I hope and pray that you are, too! (But I can understand if you don’t.) God Bless and thanks! Pat Kish

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