Transatlantic – Day Nine

Today, like any other day, dawned bright and beautiful.  The skies were blue, the clouds a gorgeous while, and the seas were a luxurious blue.

After breakfast, I decided to get up close and personal with the carousel since no one was riding it.  The attendant let me get on the carousel for some close up shots while waiting for riders.

Later, I went up to my balcony to read while alternately gazing at the water. I had been reading on my balcony and, when I came back into my stateroom, found that the stateroom attendant had been by and dropped something off.

Before I went on this cruise, I had 130 cruise points for sailings with Royal Caribbean. While on this cruise, I have gone pay 140 points, one of the “milestones” in their loyalty program.

When you do so, you are awarded a crystal of the ship that you were sailing to attain that level. Thus, I was awarded my Symphony of the Seas crystal. I will receive one for every additional 70 cruise points earned.

My first reaction was excitement. My second reaction was, “What weight will this add to my luggage?”

After that, my afternoon got even bigger and bolder, as reflected by the big, bold, cheery clouds that came my way. 🙂

I went to the Aqua Theatre tonight to see the performance of HiRO.  It was quite a dynamic show.  The performers did a fantastic job!



And, if that were not enough, I realized that I made a mistake last night in my blog post.  The captain told us at his Noon announcement that we still have one more time change.  It will not be tonight; but, tomorrow night we will set our clocks back an hour so as to be in sync with Eastern Time Zone.  I can dig it.  🙂


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