A Very Cheerful Welcome Back

When I came home yesterday evening, I did what I never did before: I stayed away from the office.  Usually, I will go there to sort through the mail that accumulated while away.  Yesterday, I unpacked and took care of everything at the house and then went to bed.

This morning, when I went over to the office, I walked in through the back door and saw my office door decorated.  I thought to myself, “Oh, oh….”  At first, I thought it was post-birthday stuff.

However, as I got to the door, I realized it was a welcome back message.  Yes, the door AND my office.  And there, in the center of the floor, was a “Mousedown” countdown to get me through the next couple of months to my January post-holiday vacation!  It was pretty incredible and gave me a very warm feeling.  Talk about “feeling the love”.  I sure felt it this morning!


Thank you to all who made my morning so bright and cheerful!  I really appreciated it.


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