I Have Changed

Yes, I have changed.  When I was younger, this was one of my favorite times of the year.  However, as I have become older, I find that this is my absolutely least favorite time of the year.  I do not like the cold and damp that we get through winter.  This week is a perfect example of that.  The temperatures will be hovering between freezing to just above freezing bring with it snow, snow showers, and rain showers.

As I have come to eschew the cold and damp of winter, I have also come to embrace the warmth of summer.  I used to complain during the second half of spring that it was already getting too warm.  I used to dislike visiting some of my parishioners because they had their thermostats set to “toasty”.  Now, I find that I am kicking up the thermostat and that I look forward to the heat of summer.

I guess a lot of that has to do with circulation or the lack thereof.  All I know for sure is that is now prefer heat over cold because the heat bothers me less and the cold bothers me more.  What a change.

I hope I don’t change on other areas.  I would hate to think that I would someday develop a liking for liver and onions!  🙂

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