Feeling A Bit Guilty

I ran across this earlier this afternoon on Facebook.  I looked at it for a long time and thought to myself, “Well, that certainly is you, isn’t it?”  I make sure that my cell phone is charged because it has become such a necessary evil.

I long for the days of land lines.  If you were home, you answered the phone.  If you didn’t and it was important enough, they would call back.  We began to complicate things more when we made answering machines that could take messages when we were not there to answer.  Then, we really complicated things when we cut the land line and went cellular.  Now, people expect us to be there as soon as the phone rings.

While we attend the phone, we often fail to attend to our own spiritual lives and to our own spiritual energy.  God wants us to be able to perform the work He has set before us.  We cannot do it if we exhaust ourselves physically or spiritually.

This leaves me much to ponder tonight.  While I’m pondering, you might want to recharge your batteries a little bit by enjoying this classic contemporary song delivered a new way:

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