Decompression Day? Nope.

I was hoping that today was going to be a day I could “decompress” after all the excitement of the past several days with my aunt’s going into the hospice center, passing away, and being buried.  That was not to be the case, though.

I had to get up early this morning and go to the hospital for blood to be drawn in preparation for a routine checkup next Monday.  From there, I went to the office and worked on and off through the morning and early afternoon.

This evening, I had two different meetings and, as I walked into the house, got a phone call that took me to a local hospital to anoint a parishioner in the emergency room.

Well, I’m back home now.  When I got in, I had two phone calls and was just able to get off the line.  Now?  I’m going to bed and pretending today didn’t happen! 🙂

G’night.  See you tomorrow.


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