So Close . . . So Very Close

You can feel the excitement tingling in the air.  Our parish festival is getting very close.  Next Wednesday, June 19th, our five day festival begins.  We have a new Ferris Wheel this year that is much larger than in the past.  They have begun putting it together today because it is a multi-day project to get it fitted and operational.  It will be the focal point of the fest this year, that’s pretty much guaranteed.

Many of our other vendors and many a chairperson have been through here the past couple of days, eyeballing things, measuring things, checking registrations, and the like.  As I say, the excitement is ramping up.

For me, that means that in short order, our property will blow up.

The beer truck will be delivered on Sunday afternoon and the sweet corn tent will be put up.  We will have to move out of our garage Monday morning because the large tent and several small tents will be put up and block our access.

Tuesday, the majority of the carnival rides will be put up (a couple will be assembled on Monday but, generally, that is the carnival workers “day off” after shutting down from where they were the night before).  Wednesday, we will be operational.

That is, if the weather cooperates.  I’m too afraid to even think about praying for the weather.  We have not had three days of the same weather in a row for a while now and I’m hoping for five days of beautiful festival weather.

Cross your fingers, get out your rabbits’ feet, say your prayers — whatever works best for you — just please consider sending some good vibes our way for good weather!

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