A Nice Day

This morning, I met with our Parish Pastoral Council and our Stewardship Commission members and we had a morning of reflection.  It began with them attending the morning Mass and then we moved down to the Solar Room for a couple hours of reflection and sharing and then a potluck lunch with one of the members providing rib eye steaks and another member grilling the steaks to perfection.

After our meeting, I got back to the parish office and did some paperwork for the parish and some for the diocese.  After that, it was time for confessions and then evening Mass.

After the evening Mass, as well as after all the Masses tomorrow, we are having a farewell reception for Fr. Andrew Corona.  This is his last weekend with us at the parish.  On Monday, July 1st, his “senior priest” status (retirement) begins.  He will be with us until the middle of the month when his apartment becomes ready for occupancy.

It was a good day, all in all.  The days are always good when you spend a significant chunk of time in prayer.

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