Farewell, Fr. Andrew!

Last night and after all the Masses today, we held farewell receptions for Fr. Andrew.  Tomorrow he begins “senior priest” status.  In short, he is retired.  He made a point that he is still booked for Masses through to the end of the year.  However, he will have no more administration to worry about and he can accept or reject Mass requests to his heart’s content.  He no longer has to answer to any responsibility and, even more so, does not have to get up early for the first Mass of the morning.

He is free!  🙂

That’s got to be a good feeling.  I feel a bit sad, though, knowing that he and I should be retiring at the same time.  He should have had seven more years to serve the diocese except his health has not held out.  Do me a favor and keep him in your prayers that he has the opportunity to enjoy his retirement.

This coming weekend, we will be hosting welcome receptions after all the Masses for our new Associate Pastor, Fr. Declan McNicholas.  He is newly ordained and I get the opportunity to break him.  Um, I mean, to break him in.  Good luck, Fr. Declan!  (His assignment officially begins tomorrow, July 1st, as he celebrates the 8:30 a.m. Mass.  I went easy on him and didn’t give him the 6:30 a.m. for his first day.  He gets it on day two.)


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