Either I’m Doing It Wrong Or…

Many people have asked me what my first week and a half was like as the administrator of the Diocese of Gary.  I told them that it was fine, just fine.  Now, admittedly, I had a couple of days off.  Wednesday is my day off and Thursday was the holiday.  Friday was also a slow day because most of the employees had taken personal days to extend their holiday weekend.

There’s something for people to know, though.  An administrator and a bishop are two different people.  The bishop is often out and about at many highly public events.  The administrator is behind-the-scenes and low key.  There is just not as much “action” as an administrator.  Oh, I’m sure there are several headaches waiting for me the next months; however, I do not think it is going to be terribly unmanageable.

It helps to have an energetic and willing associate pastor at home as well.  Fr. Declan is willing to do whatever is needed at the parish.  He will be picking up a lot of the slack that I leave behind going back and forth to the diocese.  Between the two of us, I expect — well, hope, at least! — that the two jobs of pastor at my parish and administrator of our diocese will not conflict too terribly.

If I am wrong, kindly allow me to bask in the delusion for a while and enjoy the peace of mind that I seem to possess. 🙂

One Reply to “Either I’m Doing It Wrong Or…”

  1. Actually, it sounds as if you are under control! I hope this feeling of “control” continues! I’m so glad that you have an ‘assistant’ who is ready, willing and able to do his part. Keep up the good work, Father, and stay healthy! God Bless!

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