My Mobile Office

Okay, I’ll admit it.  I cheated today.  I was supposed to take my day off.  They made me take a day off the past two weeks and today was my third week in a row that I took “off”.  It’s a new phenomenon for me and I am not sure what I think about it.

Then again, I didn’t really take it off.

I had the early Mass and then went out to breakfast with Deacon Joe.  I was surprised to see him this morning.  I didn’t think he was coming back from France until tomorrow.  It turns out they changed their flights and came home a couple days early for price and convenience (too very good reasons).

When we got back to the parish, I went to my office and went to work.  I finished the bulletin for August 3/4.  After that, I started some other work and, in between, handled some diocesan business.  I like that I can do things remotely. 🙂

I met my oldest brother for lunch.  We went to Kowloon in Schererville.  If you like Chinese food, you have to give that place a try.

When I got back to the parish, I went to the office again but, around 2:00 p.m., announced that I was going to begin my day off.  Um, I may have misspoke.  I actually came to the house and worked in my “remote office”.  My music director’s remote office is Starbucks.  My remote office is my back deck.  It is peaceful and usually has a wonderful breeze.  I know that I am going to “pay the price” later because I’ve sucked in so many allergens; however, I will say that it was worth it to be able to sit outside and commune with nature.  After miserably hot weather last week, this weather has been glorious.

I’d like you to enjoy my deck views along with me:

By the way, thank you, Kaaren, for the beautiful flower box.  It’s sitting next to my table area right outside my deck door.  It brightens the place up!

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