Bees Buzzing

Our place was buzzing like a beehive today.  Students and their parents were coming to the school’s gym to sign up for all sorts of activities at school as well as after school.  I saw a lot of excited students, I saw a lot of students that were non-committal about returning to school, and I saw a few students that were not happy about the idea that school is around the corner.

That’s par for this time of year.

I saw a lot of our college students at Mass this evening.  They are finishing up their summer jobs and activities and getting ready to head back to their schools.  So much is happening.

Today was a good day.  It is always nice to see so many people excited about new adventures.  It helps when the weather cooperates as well.  It was really beautiful outside today.

I hear it’s supposed to be that way tomorrow as well.  That’ll be nice!

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